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Book description

The Orion arm of the Galaxy had many builder artifacts, none less than 3 million years old, until a new artifact appeared and not too long afterward all of the artifacts disappeared. Read Summertide, Divergence, Transcendence and Convergence, the first four books in the Heritage Universe. Back with us are the characters from those novels. Troubleshooter Hans Rebka, Darya Lang who literally wrote the book on builder artifacts, E. Crimson Tally an embodied computer, ethical counselor Julian Graves, traders Louis Nenda and Atvar HSial and their slaves Jmerlia, Killik and Archimedes.It has been two years since the artifacts disappeared, but now a ship has arrived from the Sagittarius arm. The Chism Polypheme pilot and all the Marglot passengers dead, but the logs showing a previously unknown set of Bose nodes that will allow a ship to cross the void to the Sag Arm. Julian Graves rounds up the Hans, Darya, Louis, and Tally from their far flung locations and gets them to crew a venture to the Sag arm and the Marglot home world. Filling out the crew are five survival specialists. When they reach the Sag arm they are not in the Marglot system, but in some mysterious system where the star has gone out and the planets are impossibly cold. There are several different ideas on how to proceed. They split up and investigate in different groups. The book is written in the same style as the predecessors. A large veil of mystery with new information being doled out a little at a time. What really makes it work though are the characters. I love the way that Sheffield has made Rebka and Nenda dislike, but respect each other. One of many dynamics among the characters.If you liked the previous books in the series, youll like this one. You could read this one as a stand alone, but itll much nicer if you know the history of the characters and know the abilities of the non-humans.

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